Open and browse large CSV data

Free CSV viewer for large data

Work with large datasets seamlessly, facilitating more in-depth analysis and exploration.
CSV viewer for large files

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Why choose CSV Buddy?

View and open CSV data of any size

Browse CSV files with million of lines using a constant memory footprint. A CSV viewer for all documents.

Jump to any line in the CSV data

Enter a CSV line number and the viewer will scan the CSV input and jumps to the requested line in the file content.

Set CSV settings like column separator and file encoding

Select any of the standard column separators and the encoding to display CSV text.

Output window with detailed information

Get more information about the total number of file lines and how the CSV is parsed.

Introducing our free CSV Buddy tool, exclusively designed for Windows users. Unlike many conventional CSV viewers, CSV Buddy stands out by effortlessly handling CSV files of any size without compromising system performance. It maintains a constant memory footprint, ensuring smooth navigation and analysis for both small and large datasets.

CSV Buddy simplifies data exploration with a user-friendly interface. The viewer allows you to easily jump to any line in your CSV file, saving time in the analysis process. Additionally, you can customize your experience by setting the column separator and character encoding, ensuring compatibility with various file formats. Whether you're a professional, analyst, or enthusiast, our tool provides a practical solution for efficiently working with CSV files on your Windows system. Download it now and streamline your exploration process.

Open and find in large CSV files in CSV Buddy

Explore CSV Buddy's powerful features in this quick tutorial! Learn to seamlessly open and navigate massive CSV files, including a 20-million-line example. Discover easy row selection, and efficient text searches using the Search field. Clear selections with a CTRL-click and master CSV Buddy's smart highlighting for the next appearance of your search phrase.

CSV Buddy simplifies your document exploration process with its user-friendly interface. Easily jump to any line in your spreadsheet, saving you valuable time during analysis.

Users can interact with the data in real-time, making it easier to perform exploratory data analysis, visualize trends, and adjust analysis parameters on-the-fly. This facilitates a more dynamic and iterative approach to data exploration.

Users can explore and analyze extensive datasets without the need to sample or subset the data. This is crucial for gaining a comprehensive understanding of the information within the dataset, identifying patterns, and making data-driven decisions. Efficiently handle big CSV files with a constant memory footprint.

CSV Buddy stands out by effortlessly handling big CSV and database files, ensuring a smooth experience for both small and extensive datasets without compromising your system's efficiency.

In the era of big data, where datasets can be massive, tools capable of handling unlimited-size CSV data align with the needs of organizations dealing with large volumes of information, enabling them to derive meaningful insights from their data.

Ensuring the integrity of the entire dataset is maintained, without the need for data sampling or preprocessing steps, contributes to more accurate analysis and decision-making.